Happy Holidays Everybody!

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It’s absolutely wonderful to be home for Christmas. I’ve been spending time with family and friends, going to my little sister’s choir concerts and cheering for Stillwater at the High School’s Conference meet. Fun stuff!

I’d also like to give a HUGE thank-you to Ahvo of Finn-Sisu for offering a matching fund challenge; and everyone who participated. The fundraising was a great success! I received support from old friends, coaches, and people I’d never even met! Sometimes when you’re on the road for a while you can get a little homesick and unsure of yourself, but knowing that the Midwest community is cheering gives me such a boost and really makes all the difference. It was the best Christmas present ever! I feel ready to hit the road and try my luck in Europe, but the first stop is at US Nationals in Maine for the first week of January.

Ready to get outside

Since it was a sunny 40 degrees today, my little sister and I went for a fun single-track run through the state park. Our annual family Christmas ski/snowshoe hike turned into a run! No matter, might as well enjoy the sunshine and get a tan while I’m out there.

One other highlight of the week was visiting Pillsbury Elementary School. I had fun working on “beach muscles” outside with the kids and talking about training, since many of the kids are looking forward to skiing in the City of Lakes Loppet this winter. I received some cards that were just too cute to keep to myself!

How awesome are these?!?

Happy Holidays!