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I’ve only been in Lake Placid for a week, and I’ve already walked to the shops downtown three times. Why? Because when I watch too much TV, I can actually feel my brain melting and dripping onto the floor. So I’m trying to find other more productive things to do with my time in between training sessions. And yesterday, I learned about glassblowing!

This is a swan barometer. The lady in the shop made one in front of me and explained it! Here’s how it’s made:

And here’s how it works! When there is low air pressure, the air in the bottom of the swan expands and pushes the liquid up into the neck of the swan. And when the air pressure is high, the air shrinks and the liquid returns to the bottom of the swan. When the blue liquid is in the neck, there’s going to be bad weather. Cool, eh?

Some pretty shots from downtown and the lake

Ever seen the movie Miracle on Ice, where team USA whooped the Soviet Union in Hockey? (best movie ever, you definitely need to see it if you haven’t yet!) This is the stadium where it happened:

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