Glacier camp in 25 photos

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It took a while to trim down an amazing week of training on the Eagle Glacier to just 25 photos! Why 25 photos? Because I think 25 was the average training¬†hours each girl put in this week. The second half of our NAWTA women’s training camp was fantastic, and we all put in some really good quality training.

We took a helicopter up to the Thomas Training Center building, which is right on the edge of Eagle Glacier and run by APU staff. They do a fantastic job keeping the place clean and running smoothly, with extremely well groomed trails!

Chandra and I getting a view most people don't see - a helicopter taking off from right below!


Matt taking a look around the training center


Some camp life guitar playing by Liz and Chandra, while Peri and Alysson read


Despite all the amazing sunny photos...it actually looks like this a lot of the time. 100% foggy!


Having a little fun in the sun


Me, Liz, Aikku, Kikkan and Holly taking a break before the last lap


Flora giving a culinary lesson to Rosie and Chandra - in knife sharpening!


North American Women's Training Alliance


Warning...keep away from the edge!


Group intervals - pushing the level up every day!


Showing off our new NAWTA sweats!

Wish I could sprout some wings already...

Grover keeping an eye on practice

The cliche but always fun "jumping photo"...

A little team lovin' with Liz

How amazing is this? I love my job!


Liz and Aikku hanging out between training sessions


We had a helicopter full of spectators for our team relays!


Getting guitar lessons from Chandra

Another good heli shot

Icing party with Kikkan

Starting the team relay: Kikk, Chandra, Aikku and Me

Presentation time!

Our awesome coaches - Matt, Grover, Eric and Flora


Time to go chill out at home now!

Photo credits go to Matt Whitcomb, Kikkan Radall, Chandra Crawford, Liz Stephen, Holly Brooks and myself.

I was planning on going camping with a few of the girls after we got down from the Glacier, but woke up with a cold this morning and decided to fly home in order to rest and not spread it. That’ll happen after a big training camp…as soon as my body sensed I was going to give it a rest, it decided to completely shut down on me. So tonight I’m catching a redeye back to Minnesota and my family. Thanks Alaska, you’ve been good to me, but it’ll be good to be home for a little while now!