From hot sun to pouring snow in 48 hours!

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For years I’d been hearing people gush over Canmore – how beautiful and unique the mountains are, how¬†pro the ski area is, how nice the town is, and how great the coffee shops are. And I was always like “yeah, sure, you betcha it is”, picturing a typical ski town. But now that I’m IN Canmore I finally get it. It really does live up to the legend!

And yesterday it started dumping huge snow flakes most of the day. Looks like rollerski season is effectively over.

The view out our porch at 7:30am...snow started already!

Today they started blowing man-made snow on top of the real white stuff that fell last night, so it looks like we’ll soon be moving from the 1.8km loop to a much longer one!

Erika took a great picture of the drive into the Nordic Center

It’s been really nice to see everyone again…especially since it’s a loop, you get to see EVERYONE at least 10 times!

Chandra came over on her motorcycle for a visit, so Liz had to model the kick-ass helmet

We’re here till next Saturday, so I’m looking forward to checking out the town more and seeing all the rest of the trails!

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