Frohe Weihnachten!

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After Canmore I was supposed to go straight to Europe to get the time change over with well before the tour, but a couple weeks ago I realized that 5 and a half months straight out of a suitcase away from home wasn’t going to be that sweet, so I changed my plans and came home for 5 days! I spent as much time as possible hanging out at home, soaking up the holidays and getting in really good family time. It was perfect.

Our tree

My Mom, Sister and I go every year to Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis to see the beautiful display they do in their showroom (it used to change themes every year). We also watch the Holidazzle parade.

The theme this year was the elves

I also finally got to see my sister’s school, the St. Paul Acadamy for the Performing Arts, which is in the Landmark center. It’s super sweet, and it’s right downtown which is decorated and lit up like crazy right now.

Kenzie next to the skating rink


The dogs! Sally and Cass

Then on the 23-24th I traveled to Oberhof, Germany, where I met up with Kikkan and Jeff, Holly, Liz and Andy. We’ll stay here till the rest of the Tour de Ski crew gets in and we change hotels.

Parking right in the middle of the German and Swedish bus situation

We’re staying at this super nice hotel and they did a great job decking the halls for Christmas!

Jeff, Kikkan, Me, Liz, Holly, Andy

We did “arts and crafts time” which I was SUPER INTO and stuck cloves into oranges. Our room smells fabulous right now.

Holly, Liz and Andy getting after those oranges

We also did a “secret santa” and exchanged gifts. Andy also brought a sack full of games and then proceeded to kick our butts in UNO…3 times in a row. What????

We did a little reconnaissance around town while shopping for secret santa presents

The town was all decorated too and it was to look around. I am pretty psyched to be here!

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