It’s been an awesome, solid week of training here in Stratton! Now that we’re all back in one place (well, almost, but we get Alayna here tomorrow and then the family will be together), it’s been awesome to get back into a rhythm of regular training. We usually do interval sessions and strength (in the afternoons) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, a longer over-distance training session on Sunday, and in between we have some easy distance training or speed sessions. Sounds simple, and we like to keep it that way, especially when we’re building up to more and more hours!

The face you make when the hurdles are juuuuuust a little too close together! Julia, Kyle and I led foot agility for the juniors this Thursday (photo from Sverre Caldwell)

A pretty cool thing about our program is that the senior SMST2 athletes lead the juniors in agility warmups before strength a couple times per week. We get to share fun drills that have helped us, make up some new slightly ridiculous drills, and get creative on ways to get better at balance and technique!

Sophie, Simi and Julia leading skate ski warmups with some fun partner band pulls! (photo from Sverre Caldwell)

Saturday morning saw some pretty hot and buggy ski walking/bounding intervals up Stratton Mountain, but luckily we have such a fun group to suffer with that nobody minded. And I had a little extra special happiness since Wade came over from Boston to join me for the entire training weekend!

Cork ready with the lactate testing kit at the top of my last interval (and Wade not shown but ready to keep the bugs off me while I gasped for air). (photo from Coach Pat)

We capped off this bigger week of training with a really fun roll-run combination workout. We started with a nice flatter double pole that ended with about 25 minutes of climbing up to the AT trail junction and Little Rock Pond.

Girls train rolling closer to the swimming hole! (photo from Coach Pat)

After switching to running gear (and eating a wide variety of snacks, including but not limited to banana bread slices) we ran a loop that went right through Little Rock Pond. Of course, the yearly cliff jumping into the cool water had to be carried out, and we all had some pretty unique styles!

Me, with the “coach, you said to get more forward!” jump (photo from Coach Pat)

Wade jumping in to join me (photo from Sverre)

Sophie with “the ninja” jump (photo from Coach Pat)

Paddy with “the flying squirrel” (photo from Coach Pat)

And Simi, making everyone else look like a fool with his sick flip-double-twist-McNugget tricks (photo from Sverre)

Nobody belly flopped, and we’re focusing on body care now that we have a day off before starting in on next week! And last but certainly not least…a Happy Father’s Day shoutout to all the rad Dad’s out there! Thanks for all you do for us, taking us to practices and races and helping us be better human beings every day.

Dad, with my sister Mackenzie in the backpack (and fashion-forward hat) and me, poking holes in the trail (in my very fashion-forward pants)

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