Fast and Female PC! And drive for 25 info

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

Ok, now the blog post can begin. (quick note: all F&F pics from Katie Perhai of USSA)

The group with over 70 fast females and at least 20 ambassadors!

The Fast and Female event in Park City was officially AWESOME.

Some of the girls having fun at the dance station

As per my usual, I got to lead the dancing/endurance station, where we keep moving the entire time and each girl gets to add a dance move of her own to the group dance. The dance gets longer and longer and by the last group of the day I’m always working so hard to try and remember which move comes next! But it’s so fun. Anne Hart was my dance station partner and we had a blast although by the end we both had jelly legs and were wiped out.

tagging off in one of the outdoor game stations

For me the coolest thing is seeing each girls face light up as the entire group does the dance move SHE got to add. It’s fun to make each girl be the star for 10 seconds!

Linsey Van showing one of the girls how to prepare for ski jumping

Doing a little air guitar during ambassador intros (Annie, Sophie, me, Sadie)


The girls got to try out the ramps and foam pit


And now….the National Nordic Foundation’s Drive for 25.

I realize that there are a ton of fundraisers going on this fall. And my personal fundraiser, the Chilkoot Cafe dinner in Stillwater, is going on this fall as well, on November 10th. But, I’m putting this up because the National Nordic Foundation directly helps me as well as many other junior, senior and U23 athletes looking to take the next step in international racing. NNF lowers trip costs for World Juniors/U23’s, and help pay for World Cup expenses. NNF also helped the US Women’s team travel to Sweden to train with some of the best in the world and improve.


If you cannot come to Stillwater, MN on November 10th but are a friend of mine and/or Nordic Skiing and want to help out, this fundraiser is the best way to do it. I’ve linked my fundraising page below, and my goal is to get 20 people to donate $25. All the fundraiser information is on the link – even if you do not want to donate, please check out the NNF and their mission – the stories, pictures and race blogs are well worth looking at. Thanks for your time!



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