Exploring Sun Valley

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Okay, I went back and read my last post and….whoops, I didn’t realize I was so grumpy! I must’ve needed more time to thaw out after such a chilly ski. However, I have turned around my opinion of Sun Valley after an awesome late morning exploring Ketchum (the town next to Sun Valley – the valley’s actually more of a ski resort than town).

I’m pretty stoked on life since finding out that there are free bus rides into town a short walk from our condo, so I can go into Ketchum anytime. I caught a bus and wandered through downtown until I was thoroughly lost, and then found myself in front of the town’s best coffe shop; Java (at least, according to the locals – and I totally agree). I spent an hour reading, eating a muffin and sipping a “bowl of soul” – part mexican hot chocolate, part espresso, and part drip coffee. Pinch me, please! Totally awesome.

There’s also some seriously sweet bike/ski shops lining downtown, and a store selling every color of yarn imaginable (call me a grandma, but I love to get my crochet on!). The whole time, it was steadily pouring snow outside. I say “pouring” instead of “drifting”, “swirling”, “dusting” or any other such soft word, because it was so wet and thick that I was soaked after ten minutes. But that’s a good thing! By the end of the day, I expect to see at least 20 snowmen, 10 snow forts, and about 30 snowball fights.

There’s also some characters wandering downtown; while waiting at the bus stop, I met a dude from North Carolina who’d been coming to Sun Valley for 40 years. He was totally unprepared for the snow this year, however, insisting that he’s “nevah, EVAH, seen this much snow here”. So there you are – if you don’t believe me, take it from the word of a North Carolina man that it’s dumping snow in Sun Valley!

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