Every little bit matters

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When your job is a professional athlete, every little thing matters. How much, when and what you do while you train, how you fuel your body, how you rest and recover, how you prevent injuries, how you prepare your mental game….everything matters! Life becomes a game of details.

However, sometimes that’s not enough. You can work your butt off, get all the small details right on, and still not be able to race due to a lack of funding. True fact: the US is the only country that does NOT give government support to it’s snow sport athletes. But I definitely wouldn’t say that we’re on our own! Although we’re in a small sport, the Nordic community and friends are a tight network of super supportive people dedicated to a healthy lifetime sport.

Which is why we’re asking for your help – NNF (the National Nordic Foundation) is fundraising to send athletes who otherwise couldn’t afford the trip over to Europe to represent our country and compete against the highest caliber athletes the world has to offer. Every little bit helps!

Here is the link to the US Ski Team Girls fundraising efforts. Since our latest round of budget cuts, the B team athletes recieve little to no funding and since a day of competition in Europe costs $140, we’re on a mission to keep our entire team on the World Cup to make the US a threat in the relay races.

USST Girls fundraising link!

We're ready to take the next step!

Here is another link: to NNF’s main page, where you can read more about what our goals are and where exactly the money will go to help junior skiers reach the next step. Thank you for your support!

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