Epic road trip…#2

By March 20, 2011 No Comments

Right now I’m lounging in a condo in Sun Valley, Idaho…wondering why on earth it’s called SUN Valley! It’s been gray with damp snow all day! No worries, I’ve been reassured that it will clear up and be beautiful sometime in the next two weeks. However, it’s a little dissapointing since the day I left Minnesota, I was skiing in a sports bra and shorts and getting a tan (sadly, we’ve pretty much lost all snow in the past few days). I’m here with CXC for Distance Nationals and the Supertour finals, and we got here a week early to give our bodies some time to adjust to the altitude. We’re staying at the Cottonwood Condos, and they’re super comfy.

The ride out here was another epid road trip…kinda like the one we took back in November to West Yellowstone. Except this time, it was just me, Cork, Gus and Karl in the van so we had a lot of room! We drove through West Yellowtone and onward to Sun Valley, and there sure were some WEIRD things to see. There’s a whole visitor center for the “craters of the moon” in Idaho – which is nothing more than a huge expanse of bumpy black rock, where nothing grows. There’s a historical site where a wagon almost fell off a rocky trail into a pond (gasp!). It went from sunny to hail-like snow and back to sun in 20 minutes. And we got about 10 feet away from a rather large and shaggy Bison wandering along the road.

But now I’m glad to be out of the car and able to stretch my legs on the ski trail! I’ll update with pictures as soon as we get some sick sunny views 🙂

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