DJ tear it up!

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White t-shirt glowing in the blacklight, I walked into the room and got dazzled by the lights flashing over the crowd. And then my heartbeat was reset by the huge bass drop. I could actually feel my bones shake. And it was AWESOME.

Such a fun night! (all photo credits to Lydia Lochner)

I had no idea that when I was invited to a concert where a friend of mine, Aric Okerman (who was on the Nordic team with me!), was performing, it was going to be so legit! He’s majoring in music and is kicking off a promising dj career.

Apparition at work

Sometimes as athletes we get wrapped up in training and travel and…forget that some totally awesome stuff is going on all around us! In the few precious days I had at home between camps, I spent some quality time reconnecting with friends from high school. It was super cool to hear their stories and see what they’ve been up to. They’re studying their butts off, getting involved in sports and music and all kinds of life lessons. 

Turn the bass up!

Aric’s concert was sweet, and his band name is Apparition. He created an origian Dubstep track, which was the first time I’ve been really exposed to this type of music. Quite the experience! The band’s interests are, and I quote: “Making you: dance/mosh/throwdown/explode/erupt/live free/change the way you think about life/fly”. Yep, pretty awesome. You can check out his music and site by clicking HERE!

Yep. Wish I knew how to do that!

Here’s another funny story. Wait, scratch that. It wasn’t funny at all, except for three dudes at about 3 in the morning meticulously shredding toilet paper all over the yard and throwing it high, high up into the trees. I went with a bunch of buddies to suprise a friend who’d just got home from college, only when we got there, we found that someone else had beaten us to in the form of some spectacular TP’ing. Yep. But fear not, revenge is coming swift and sure!

The 9 am cleanup crew! Welcome home, Anna! 🙂 (photo credit Anna Bucholtz)

Wow. Look at all that wasted creative energy.....