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The locals here said that they’re not getting a ton of sunny bluebird days this winter, but even so – Davos is amazing, beautiful skiing with tons of snow! It’s like this winter wonderland, complete with a main street full of cafes and good waffles. This post will mainly be a bunch of pictures of what we’ve been up to the last week.

Anna and Emil, our Swedish friends, took us on a powder treck (photo from Liz)


Andy found the Ben and Jerry's "Vermonster" ice cream. A little taste of home.


Skiing up the alpine run!


Me, Sadie and Ida enjoying the sunshine (photo from Liz)


After this long on the road, you start needing new clothes šŸ™‚

A picture from my off-track adventure one morning


Liz getting cozy in the cold hotel rooms - bathrobe time!!!


Sometimes the ski trails parallel the train tracks

On my day off, I got to go sledding, which I haven’t done since Seiser Alm last year! It was super fun and I went with our team Doctor Greg Schumacher’s kids, which made it even more awesome. It feels so good to just get outside and be super amped on something that’s NOT training or ski related once in a while!

The thank-you-for-taking-me-sledding-card Heidi Schumacher made me!

When you basically live on the road, there’s only so much you can do to make it feel like “home”, but I keep all the cards I get from family and friends and it always makes the bedside table a lot brighter!

AAAAaaaaaaaand……the Minnesota High School State Meet is tomorrow! People, this is a big deal. In Minnesota, the state meetĀ is pretty muchĀ a bigger dealĀ than going to junior nationals, or heck, junior worlds. And I remember being on the Stillwater team getting SO excited to drive up to Giant’s Ridge and race in the red white and black! This year the Stillwater girls team qualified, as well asĀ some boys individually. So good luck Ponies, I’ll be cheering!

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