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Today we wrapped up a good weekend of Noram racing. Saturday we had the classic sprints, and today was the 10km skate (15km for men), with results to both linked here. Click on the Haywood Noram’s in Sovereign Lake, B.C.

The women’s podium from the skate race – Compton in 2nd, Brooke in 3rd, and I’m in 4th (.2 seconds behind Brooke!) The CXC girls tend to stick together 🙂 Picture courtesy of Kuzzy.

The men’s podium – Gregg had a gutsy race and came in 3rd today! Again, picture courtesy of Kuzzy.

I was super pumped on the classic sprints because it was the first time I’d ever made the A final round in a race other than JO’s! And I was so nervous I thought I was going to puke. But it all ended up okay! Jennie and I made the final round and she powered into 3rd while I finished 5th. It was super fun with all our teammates there cheering and a race announcer with a sick Australian accent. And today’s race was just as fun, with the coaches doing an absolutely amazing job with the wax and making my skis so fast they flew down the hills.

And…it was the first time I’ve ever had to turn down money for a race. Bummer, since I can’t even donate it to NCCSEF, but that’s what ya gotta do when you plan on going to college and racing NCAA’s!

The stadium. There were a lot of volunteers doing a great job – and it was all good practice for them since World Masters will be held at this venue later this year.

The lodge where the athletes hang out in between races. We made sure to get there early to snag a spot on the couches (not pictured but to the right of the fireplace).

Looking out across the parking lot – beautiful, eh? Okay, okay…I might have slightly altered the color tint with my computer. But it still looks good!

The entrance to the Sovereign Lake trail system.

It’ll be sad to leave Silver Star, but we’re packing up and heading to Rossland tomorrow. Hooray for another road trip!

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