CXC Summer Championships and general REG awesome-ness.

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I can’t get over how awesome the REG and junior camps here at Telemark are. It’s so much fun to have everyone running up and down the hall, into the pool, onto the volleyball and tennis courts, onto the trails to bound, into the lake, through the strength room, and then into their rollerski gear. All the energy buzzing around never fails to motivate me and it’s great to see people who ski because they purely LOVE THE SPORT!

Ah, the cliche yet timeless jumping picture....(photo by Bryan Fish)

Yesterday, we had our “Summer Championships”, which was a day jam packed with three time-trials. We started with a 5km running race just outside of Hayward on some super fun yet technical trails. The light rain made the race just exciting enough to get your heart pumping but I don’t think there were any spectacular crashes out on the single track.

No matter how tired...there's always time for a rockstar pose! (photo credit Fish)

The results from the whole day are linked HERE; the coaches used World Cup scoring so 100 points go to first place, 80 points to second, 60 to third, ect.

Some of us made signs for the running race: this one was at the top of a really long steep hill (picture from Bryan Fish)

 Next was a mid-day 2km classic time trial, which was mostely straight double poling. We finished right at the entrance to Telemark so we got a short break before heading to downtown Cable for the final event: skate sprints.

There was also a little kids sprint heat!

 The sprints went around the block and ended right in front of the Ideal Market, where the River’s Eatery is. What is the River’s Eatery, you ask? Only the best pizza place in the world! Bjorn Daehlie was there, so that must mean something. Anyways, they sponsored the event so we all went for pizza after the races. What a perfect way to end the day!  

Finally done with a big day of racing! (Olivia, Rachel and Nichole)

I think maybe my favorite part of the day, besides seeing all the awesome cheering and signs along the running course, was cheering on the sprinters. There were some broken poles (mine) and crashes (Caitlin tripping over my broken pole) but other than that we made it through the day!

Dance party in the streets!

 And the best news of all??? The CXC girls finished our video challenge entry! Many thanks to Annie Hart for her superb editing skills. I will be posting the video up in three days, along with other entries. Check back soon to see some hilarious and hardcore training footage!

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