Crocheting and baking with Norwegian instructions

By February 16, 2011 No Comments

Today we left Beitostolen and drove down some really windy roads to Drammen. We totally got short-changed by the GPS, which took us off the main road early on, and I thought I was going to get carsick. But we made it, and I’ve totally been re-charged with excitement and energy (so look out, Norway!) because we’re staying in a hotel with all the other teams here for the World Cup races! Saturday is a 10km classic, and Sunday will be the skate sprint, which I’m totally excited to be racing in. It’ll be my first World Cup start ever!

Meanwhile, I needed something to keep me busy in our last days in Beitostolen, so I decided on a project. I bought some nutty bread mix at the store, had Pete translate the instructions for me, and decided to bake bread. But somehow the yeast got lost in the translation! We also had some really over-ripe bananas that we needed to get rid of, so I mushed them up with a little peanut butter and a hint of nutella, and threw it all into the bread mix. So even if I HAD remembered the yeast, it probably had no hope of rising anyways. And you know what? I actually thought it tasted okay! It was really moist and thick as a brick, but it tasted really nutty and banana-y and it made for a fun afternoon project.

Did I mention how flat it was??

Also, Sadie and I have been crocheting a lot lately! Sadie has been making some seriously cool headbands, and I made a USA hat after Heather Mooney showed me how to change colors and made a design pattern for me. I’m pretty stoked on it.

Showing off the finished products

Looking forward to some sweet training, racing and cheering in Drammen for the next few days!