Creepy…in a good way??

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Ever pay close attention to how a horror movie begins? A happy little group of people are hanging out in some deserted hotel, totally oblivious to creepy signs like bats flying around, leaks, hidden stairways…and then as soon as they go to sleep, the ax murderer comes out and there you go. So right now, I’m basically waiting for the dude with the chainsaw.

The giant stone fireplace in Telemark's lobby.

I’m currently staying at the totally empty Telemark resort as it undergoes construction and remodeling, in preparation to house CXC team athletes. But we’re having a mini-camp now even though the construction isn’t yet finished. And it’s super-duper fun being the only ones in the hotel, but at the same time, it’s also unbelievably CREEPY! There’s echos and this dead, empty feel and I will NOT walk down a dark hallway by myself! That said, I’m super excited for our first CXC camp of the year – it’s just a short four day camp to plan out the year, do some testing and technique work, but a camp is a camp to me and it’s always great to get together with my teammates. But don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love having the hotel to ourselves. We roamed the hotel last night, popping wheelies in wheelchairs and exploring on the scooter I stole from my sister (she still doesn’t know, don’t tell her)!

The swimming pool is pretty huge

It’s cool to see the hotel undergoing construction because it’s always neat to get the before and after picture. And they’re planning to create a sweet strength room, PT room, offices and the athletes will have the option of living in some of the rooms upstairs. I know there’s been some questions roaming around – people wondering if it’s actually happening, if the construction has been started yet. Well, I’ve seen it and it’s definitely happening! Cool beans.

Some of the construction dudes tearing out walls to make way for a massive STRENGTH ROOM!

I spoke to the part-owner, Rick, about what Telemark is going to look like in the future, and the big plans being made for the resort. And I think it’s going to be sweet! There is already a golf course and a frisbee golf course (which has hosted multiple world championships). The lodge rooms are being redone and should be finished by next year’s birkie. There are already snowguns here and if it’s cold enough, they can be making snow by Halloween. There are weddings held here in the summer and the owner plans to put in more horseback riding and a mountain bike training area on the ski slopes. They’re planning to put in Wi-fi that reaches all the trails, so people can use their ipods to navigate and figure out where they are on a map. And one of the coolest parts? Up to two miles of “human propelled monorail” with 90 degree banked turns on a suspended track through the woods. Basically, you get on a bike in a car and depending on your biking skills you could get going up to 45 mph. So yep, I’m super stoked for what Telemark could become! There’s some pretty big dreams getting laid out and some huge plans being made, and I’m hoping they all work out!

The wall of Birkie champions - 1973 to present! Hopefully this stays up.

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