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In between CXC camps, I’ve spent some time at home, and wow has it been busy! Between training with friends and by myself, going to a death metal concert (and getting a crowd-surfer dropped on my head!), work and cleaning my room – a truly dangerous undertaking – there haven’t been too many crazy stories. But now I’ve got one!

Yesterday, I was given the unique opportunity to meet a dog who thought humans tasted better than Purina. I was going on a fun, easy jog through downtown Stillwater and ran by an elderly couple walking their dog on a leash. As I passed, the dog suddenly jumped sideways and took a snap at my leg. Which was weird, since I was not running close to the dog’s owners or doing anything to trigger a dog’s “attack mode”.

I was taken completely by surprise and didn’t dodge quickly enough, and the dog ended up drawing blood and raising a beautiful blue bruise on my hip. The owners of the dog didn’t apologize or ask if I was okay – they just stood there staring at me, which actually made me pretty annoyed. Lucky for me, I haven’t started foaming at the mouth (yet) so I’m pretty sure the dog had its shots.

It was still a nice day though, and I still had a good run. I’ve certainly learned to stay WAY clear even if the dog is on a leash!

Next up is the CXC camp in Ironwood, Michigan. Not only will it be an awesome camp, but I’m pretty sure Ironwood has some of the best pasties in the world. GO MIDWEST!

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