Chilkoot Dinner – only 10 days away!

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On 11/11/11, at 6:00 pm, there will be a fundraising dinner at the Chilkoot Cafe in Stillwater. Honestly, I swear I didn’t realize the coolness factor of the date (11/11/11)!!! when we decided to have the dinner that night. But I like all the ones, because you don’t ever race for second place!

I won’t badger you with all the reasons why I’m needing to put on a fundraiser (I’m sure you’ve already heard the usual Nordic Skier reasons – no funding! and if not, see two posts down the list) but I’m really, really excited about this dinner. The folks at Chilkoot have been extremely generous and kind in setting this up, and I’m looking forward to a fun night and a chance to meet so many people who care about skiing and want to help out.

Please consider joining my supporters by purchasing a $100 supporter badge, and enjoying a great dinner at Chilkoot Café and Cyclery on November 11th.  I will be on hand to share the highlights of the 2011 season and my plans for 2012.  All proceeds from the event will go directly to support my travel and training expenses. 

Call for more information or to reserve your spot by calling the Chilkoot Café at 651-342-0429.

The Chilkoot jersey traveled all the way to the World Champs in Oslo

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