Busy busy busy!

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WHEW! The last week has had some crazy busy days in it, but also some really fun times! On Tuesday, I got to meet some of the kids at Transfiguration School in Oakdale, and share some pictures, videos and stories from the past year of Nordic training and racing.

As usual, I think one of the favorite parts of the presentation was the story about when I was out running in Alaska and some kids came barreling down the trail, yelling “RUN! MOOOOOOSE!” They dragged me along, sure that I was going to be eaten or trampled if I got any closer. This of course implies that skiing can be a dangerously exciting sport and that one should always go training with a taser or, at the very least, some pepper spray. While I truly believe skiing is exciting on its own, the addition of (real!) wild animal encounters really ups the coolness-factor in the classrooms!

On Wednesday, I had a 5 hour training day (whoo-hoo!). I’ve been begging for a big hours week for a while, so Cork finally gave it to me and I got a 22 hour week with plenty of hard interval sets. While this was exactly what I’ve been asking for, it did make all the clinics and SuperFits a little harder to schedule in around the training. I also may have drank quite a bit of coffee. 🙂 Anyways, Wednesday afternoon I met up with Jennie Bender and the 3G Nordic ladies for some obstacle course agility fun. We worked on balance, power, and cornering while manuvering though a chalk course in the parking lot, which was actually quite tricky…especially the backwards skiing part!

Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the big SuperFit at Hoigaards sports shop. It was cool to see so many families coming in to get set up with ski equipment for the winter! I’m finally confident about being able to fit someone to a pair of skis using the paper test on the board and the pressure mat. So…now I get to use my skills! Next weekend, CXC athletes (myself included) will be working the Joe’s Sports Shop SuperFit, so if you missed last weekend, you get another shot at the big sale.

But the coolest part of last week for me was…my little sister’s play! She was part of the Stillwater High School’s production of Romeo and Juliet. I was quite impressed with how well they performed, especially since it’s such a classic and everyone’s already familiar with the story. So I volunteered as an usher so I could see the play again! It was a fun week with lots going on, and it’s good to be busy when I’m not on the road.

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