And the blizzard continues…

By November 23, 2010 No Comments

It’s windy, snowing like crazy, and starting to get cold out, but the CXC team is still going strong! And I’m quickly realizing that nobody is tougher than our masters, who go out in all weather, often walking to the trails. They came to ski, and no amount of snow is stopping them!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of skiing with Dave Knoop from the master’s program, and we stopped for a picture along the way with Callaways (and Renee was kind enough to email it to me).

I’m pretty sure my face was frozen, but I stayed warm in my winter jacket and had a great ski. It was so fun to get out on the trails and see so many people from all over the US enjoying the snow! Now if we could only keep the weather warm enough to race tomorrow…

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