And the award for most talented multi-tasker goes to…my sister!

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If you haven’t ever met my little sister Mackenzie, you really should. Because she’s awesome. And when it comes to juggling a million different activities going on at once, she puts me to shame!

I am amazed at the amount of things Mackenzie is involved in. Actually, involved isn’t the right word…”excells in” is more appropriate because she’s a quick learner and really applies herself to every task at hand.

And she's beautiful even without the competition makeup!

She is a synchro swimmer, and last Friday she and the Stillwater High School Synchronized Swim Team placed second at the state meet! So exciting. I tried to do some of the figures the girls perform, and it’s incredibly hard. Like, really, really hard and different than skiing! My butt started sinking and I started gulping in water and it was all over. But my sister and her swim team can not only keep themselves afloat, they can launch girls into the air! Very cool.

Going for a rollerski with my little sister (this is from like 6 years ago).

Mackenzie is also very musically talented, and she plays saxophone in the school band, as well as rocks out in the jazz band. She also takes voice lessons, and is a very accomplished singer.

But it doesn’t stop there! She is also a skier, and is a part of the fall swim team (different than synchro in the spring). But she’s not JUST a skier; by 8th grade she already made all-conference!

Kenzie cruising through the woods.

It’s pretty impressive that she can keep up with all these different sports and acivities, and still be an honor roll student in junior high! I am so proud of my little sister.

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