Alpine skiing, then back to real life

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Our view from the deck!

The last week has been a much-needed break and mini-vacation! Kikkan, her Mom and I stayed in a condo at Squaw Valley and Salomon and the US Ski Team HOOKED US UP with Alpine gear for a couple days of fun skiing in the sun! I am a horrible downhill skier, but love charging runs I have no business being on anyways. It was a super fun time, I totally ignored my coaches advice of “if you’re not on the magic carpet, you’re doing it wrong”, but I didn’t get hurt at all so I’m not in trouble!

Snow melted in some parts but the skiing was still great

I had to include this picture from the Reno airport, below. Slot machines and blinking neon lights all over the place. It made me kind of dizzy getting in from a late flight.

Right off the plane...classy, Reno. Classy.

After Kikkan and I moved out of the condo, my SMS teammates hadn’t arrived in California yet so I spent Easter night crashing the APU house. It was a super fun time – we had this absolutely massive and ridiculously hard easter egg hunt over three houses (with the Craftsbury team) and went Nordic Skiing for the first time in 5 days. Eek! It was weird to have not snapped down my bindings in so long (5 days happens to be the longest break I’ve taken since getting sick mid-summer). But having a nice break, both mentally and physically, was just what I needed!

Pancake breakfast morning (and April Fools jokes) at the APU girls house!

This morning was quite funny…I had totally forgotten that it was April Fools day and so when I got up to make breakfast all the food in the house was gone. Sadie hid it outside. And the girls watered down the coffee and made it cold, but most of the girls were too nice to say “uhh…you guys SUCK at making breakfast” so the joke didn’t get the same effect we were hoping. Darn it.

Old-school waxing style. Gotta love it!

I’m getting quite good at packing up and changing houses by now! So, today I get to move in with my club team (SMS T2), whom I haven’t seen in a LONG time! I can’t wait to hear stories from this winter and see them in person.

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