A whole new kind of inspiration

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Sometimes you get inspired by motivation to finish a race, achieve a certain goal, qualify for a team, or beat a pre-existing time. But after last night, I’ll have something way bigger motivating me when it gets tough or lonely out on the road – the support of a community. Because the Chilkoot fundraiser dinner was a huge success! While the fundraising was of course important and will be a crucial part of my plans for racing World Cups in Europe this winter, the most important part was knowing that friends from my home town are supportive and cheering from home.

Saying thanks to the guests before cake was served!

We packed the house and it was truly touching to see the amount of support from friends, teammates, High School coaches, neighbors, and Nordic enthusiasts. With over 55 people attending, it was a great night, with truly spectacular food provided by the Cafe.

Lee Stylos and Randy Moses, the master organizers!

Chilkoot Cafe and Cyclery is linked HERE so you can look them up!

Socializing before dinner

If there’s ever a tough time in the coming winter,┬áthinking back on┬áthis night will be an awesome way to remember why I do what I do, and why it’s important to give 100%. Because how could I not want to try my absolute best when there are friends and family keeping track?!?

The Taipales and my Dad catching up

Ahvo Taipale, owner of Finn Sisu, made an extremely generous offer of matching up to $2000 in donations given between November 11th and December 11th. For donations or questions, please contact Randy at rmbikes@comcast.net or Kris at kjhansen@minus40.com.

Bob and Diane Hagstrom - volunteers on the High School team, there at every race to start us off on the right foot!

Now I’m ready and excited to pack for the start of my season in West Yellowstone, especially since I’ll be packing in Tule luggage generously donated by Chilkoot co-owner Mike Noer!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed time and effort to make the event a success, and of course to those who came to spend the evening!

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