A lot of running around

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The last week, I’ve been doing a lot of running around – errands, and literally running in circles for training. Running in the park. Running my sister to school. Running the face painting station for Girls On The Run. Running a half marathon race. Running to the vet. Running to Finn Sisu to pick up ski poles. Running to the dentist and eye doctor, because goodness knows when I’ll be home next! It’s been busy, but at the moment time has stopped and the only thing that determines when it starts again is when the plane is cleared for takeoff. It’s kind of a sad moment when you realize how truly powerless you are in an airport.

My unplanned yet totally beautiful run above Salt Lake City

My unplanned yet totally beautiful run above Salt Lake City

Because of all the thunderstorms, my flight¬†was delayed, and so after getting bored with my tour de Twin Cities airport posters…I finally settled in a corner to blog, thinking I’d finish up and get on the plane and be in Bend by 10:30pm. Turns out, the delayed flight made me miss the next one, and same for Sophie, so we crashed at Parker and Hannah’s house. They were so nice, letting us stay and this morning there wasn’t any standby room on the flight, but instead of spending another 12 hours in an airport (gah!) Hannah picked me up and we went to the mall where I bought a set of clean clothes and shoes, and then went for a run. Hopefully I’ll make my flight tonight to Bend, where I can see the rest of my team and get back into regular training life! But enough whining – nobody said this job was glamorous! Let me explain what’s been going on the past week at home.

The Girls On The Run event last week was really neat. I’d heard a lot about them and wanted to see for myself if anything in the world could possibly be as fun and PINK as a Fast and Female event. And….this fit right in! I volunteered my time and ended up in the face painting station, which I was thrilled with. Good thing my awfully limited artistic skills weren’t tested, as most of the girls wanted mustaches in various colores curling across their faces. I hope I’m not the only one to find some irony in the fact that this event centered around girl’s empowerment through sport…and all the girls wanted mustaches. It’s cool though, I love Steve Prefontaine as much as the next girl.

Sadly, the next story isn’t as good as girls in pink running around. My dog, Sally, was 13 years old and died while I was home. She had been slowing down and we knew it was going to happen soon, but it was still really, really hard to lose a member of the family. I had to include this picture of her as a puppy with my sister, because everyone’s allowed to get a little sentimental on their own blogs, right?

Kenzie and Sally

Kenzie and Sally

Yesterday¬†morning, my family ran in the Apple Blossom Races. My Mom walked the 5km because she is recovering from a concussion she got in Florida. She fell off the stand up paddleboard, and hit her forehead, and at the time she felt ok and we all thought nothing more of it. But when she got back home, she was feeling bad and got it checked out…and it turns out she had gotten a concussion, which totally sucks! She’s starting to feel better but is taking it really easy right now. My sister and Dad ran the 10km, and I ran the half marathon. I was supposed to stay in L2 or lower the whole time (so not really “race”) but I couldn’t help myself the last half mile. I mean, running 13 miles and not getting the full endorphin buzz?!? What a ripoff!

After the race - my Dad and sister

After the race – my Dad and sister (taking a nap!)

And last but not least, the USST girls team won one of the very prestigious “Johnny 5 Awards”. Our award is to “Liz Diggins”, the write up is very nice and I wanted to share my 1/7 of the award! Here’s the link: http://johnnyklister.com/2013/05/the-2013-johnny5-liz-diggins-the-power-of-team/