3G Nordic

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I feel ridiculously lucky because I’ve been getting to know lots of new people and organizations around the Twin Cities lately. And today I had the opportunity to be a guest at the Minnehaha Acadamy, and meet the girls who make up the 3G Nordic training group. It’s an all-women’s team led by coach Alex Rykken and his wife, and I was excited to meet them because they are a motivated and fun group!

I got to share some of my experiences with them and talk a bit about goal-setting; an important part of being an athlete that sometimes gets underrated. We also talked about how to focus during a race and worry only about the things that you as an athlete are in direct control of, like your technique and how you handle the course. It was really good for me to go over this stuff too because it’s so easy sometimes to forget! It was also really inspiring for me to meet new girls who are super into sports and are ready to train and have fun together. I know they’ll make great strides towards their goals!

The 3G training group!

If you want to check out their website, click HERE.

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