3 weeks later…still in PC!

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I’ve only got 5 more days to enjoy the sunshine, mountains and great training that Park City has to offer. And I plan to make the most of it!

Jennie and I goofing off after practice (photo by Carolyn Ocariz)

Official camp ended last weekend, but before everyone left, we had a pretty epic sprint time trial day at Soldier’s Hollow. Although everyone’s skis were different speeds, we broke up into heats that were pretty evenly matched and got some really good intervals out of it.

Sprinting at Soldier's Hollow (picture by Pete Vordenburg)

There were also a LOT of crashes. And I was one of them. I wobbled and lost my balance after crossing the finish line, and was fully airborne before I hit the pavement. The best part of all this was that Gus got it on tape. Even though he was standing a ways away, you can clearly hear the scream and “oh” before the camera turns off.

The camera just doesn't do it justice...

Personally, I think a few scrapes is an okay price to pay for a super good interval workout. Why so grateful all of a sudden? Because it took me about two and a half weeks to get adjusted to the altitude, and I had to adjust my training plan while my body was catching up. For me, there is no worse feeling than having to cut an interval session, so last weekend’s sprints were really fun. Luckily, I have really fun teammates and buddies here so I’ve been keeping busy!

All the ladies happy to be done with the time trial! (photo by Holly Brooks)

Also, I normally really dislike wearing spandex…until I found these pink zebra-type-striped tights. I’m pretty stoked on them. Because they’re bizarre!

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