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This is going to be a super short and sweet update since we’re leaving this morning for the drive up to New Gloucester, Maine, where we’ll be doing a 5 day mini-camp on the coast. I can’t wait to get in the water!

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday and it was super fun. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

Annie, me and Erika ready to roll (Packer photo)

Annie, Erika, Packer and I hiked up to the alpine slides at Bromley Mountain, and later Newell joined us for a swim in the Snowmaking Pond, where I was determined to practice paddling a surfboard and learning to “duck dive” in time for our camp on the coast in Maine.

SPEED SESH (Packer photo)

After a nice recovery week with some good distance sessions, I’m finally feeling rested after the Sweden camp and ready to hit the training hard again. It’s also been so nice to be back with my SMS teammates – I missed my roomies!

Here are a couple more pictures, by Liz Kantac, Lilly Caldwell, Matt Boobar and Sverre Caldwell, of the SMS camp which I came home to help out with:

Bounding/Skiwalking intervals up Stratton Mountain

Sophie and I

It’s also important to gain good coordination and straight up HAVE FUN on rollerskis, so there were some agility courses and games going on in Lot 1.

Keep Away...on wheels

Good crew!

Gotta end with this picture….does anyone know what Soph, Erika and I are doing? (hint…think which regions we’re all from)

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