About Jessie

Fun facts: I like raspberries and pickles. Separately, not together. I love adrenaline-filled adventures like cliff jumping, bungee jumping and skydiving. Reading a lot of books on the road is fun and so is camping, canoeing, gardening, and creative projects.

After moonlighting as a dancer, soccer player, violinist, swimmer, and track runner, I finally settled on Cross Country skiing as a full-time job. I really enjoy traveling and the experience of seeing new places and racing around the world. But most of all, what I love about skiing is the chance to push my body to the limit, to be training outside on beautiful trails, and the chance to find something new about myself with every race!

Clay, Deb Diggins with Jessie in a backpack, 1999


I was on skis before I could walk, thanks to my wonderful and active parents who didn’t mind having a small creature in their ski backpack pulling on their hair and yelling “FASTER”!!! We joined the Minnesota Youth Ski League as a family and spent every Sunday afternoon all winter long playing games and learning how to ski. I especially enjoyed the hot chocolate and sledding afterwards! I entered citizens races all over Minnesota with my family as well as MYSL practices.


I attended Stillwater High School and skied on their team for 6 years, loving the team environment and camaraderie of the sport. I found so many friends on the team and we had so much fun! I also learned that I loved the competition side of skiing, and started taking the racing more seriously. I joined summer training programs, and eventually began training year-round for XC skiing.


Craftsbury Distance Ladies 3.26.16-0938


After graduation in 2010, I deferred an academic scholarship to Northern Michigan University and spent a year on the Central Cross-Country Elite team. I found that being a professional athlete was my dream job, and decided to go for it! I was added to the US Ski Team in 2011, and after racing with Central Cross-Country for 2 seasons, I joined SMST2 (Stratton Mountain School T2 elite team) in 2012.


Now my summers are spent training in Stratton, Vermont with my club team SMST2, while hammering out some intense training at USST camps in-between. My winters are spent racing the World Cup circuit in Europe with the USST, so I’m living out of a suitcase and loving it from November-March!